1. Five year anniversary Catalyst Intelligence 22-Jan-2021
  2. Hydro-treater performance optimization model 19-Jan-2021
  3. GPN CS Pro Catalysis Forum 2020 21-Dec-2020
  4. Catalyst Intelligence at ERTC (November 2020) 22-Nov-2020
  5. Catalyst Reactor Diagnosis Optimise refinery performance van der Grift 17-Jan-2019
  6. GPN Catalyst conference in St Petersburg 03-Jan-2019
  7. Catalyst Intelligence will attend ERTC ATE in Vienna 29-Dec-2018
  8. Catalyst Intelligence presenting at RRTC in Moscow this september 30-Jul-2018
  9. ERTC ATE Budapest March 6-8, 2018 16-Feb-2018
  10. Supplier seminar in Eastern Europe, March 2018 16-Feb-2018
  11. How to select the best refinery catalyst reactor for your process? van der Grift 28-Nov-2017
  12. Catalyst selection is your key to higher refinery performance; start early! van der Grift 10-Nov-2017
  13. Catalyst Intelligence adds FCC application expertise to its consultancy 18-Aug-2017
  14. Ex-situ hydroprocessing catalyst regeneration and pool management van der Grift 15-Jun-2017
  15. Catalyst Intelligence at ERTC Conference in Cologne 25-Apr-2017
  16. Timely hydro-treater check-ups reveal opportunities to extend cycle and avoid costs 06-Apr-2017
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  19. Catalyst Intelligence updates its 3-day in-house hydrotreating coarse 16-Feb-2017
  20. HydroTreater Reactor Internals (under)performance van der Grift 27-Jan-2017