​Underperformance investigation

Underperformance investigation 

If a unit does not perform as expected, an underperformance investigation needs to be launched as soon as possible, to determine the root cause and develop a remedial action plan. The root cause may lie in the quality of the catalyst loaded, the loading procedures followed, the start-up or other factors determining catalyst efficiency. It is important to follow a systematic investigation strategy to eliminate potential causes one by one. The catalyst supplier will usually assist in the root cause investigation, specifying the data they would like to receive from the refiner or petrochemical plant.

Catalyst Intelligence can assist in collecting the necessary information and developing a remedial action plan, including issuing a claim against the supplier if the underperformance is catalyst related. If the underperformance is due to actions that have occurred under the responsibility of the refiner or chemical plant it is important to find out what has happened and to ensure that such deviations from best practices do no reoccur during future operations.

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